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The price quoted was not the one we were expecting for. We thought that the cost of a home rewiring is quite huge, so we were hesitant at first. We never knew that it will just take us a few hundreds. Thank you so much guys for a job well done.


When I called the company, there is someone who answered me in a low tone and slow voice. It was so sweet. The scheduling went on easily. I got the appointment for the inspection on the same day. I got the initial estimate the same day too. The electrician computed the expenses right in front of me. It was just amazing


I am just surprised with the flow of the work. I never thought that I could hire someone as quick as the one from this company. I thought it will take him days to finish the project. Good thing it went on easily after a few days or so. I am so happy with the result.


I highly recommend this company. They are so good in handling any kind of project related to electricity. I am so amazed with their electrician. They were able to finish the job in just a few hours without compromising the quality. It was just so impressive. I will surely hire them again and even recommend them to my friends and relatives.


I recommend the services they offer to those who are like me, who knew nothing about electricity. All I know is how to use the home appliances and how to load up my devices to make them work. But I know nothing about how to take care of the electricity. Now I am conscious about it. Thank you for responding my needs right away. A crew came in just right on time to fix the problem.


My husband and I are so happy about the result of the project. It was pretty amazing. We never expected your electricians to handle our home rewiring at the basement that fast. They never compromised the detail of the job, yet they have finished it on time.


We are pleased to meet your electrician. He was so polite and helpful to us. He was able to explain to us well what must be done and what he did to make things work for us. Our electricity tripped off after an electrician failed to finish the project. So, we needed to call another one to handle the job. Good thing your electrician came in right on time.


We kept delaying the project because, we do not have much fund for it. But we were happy we pushed through with your help of course.


Thank you for a job well done. I think no one can every handle that job finely as you do.


The result of the job was just surprising. Thank you guys!