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Our team of electricians are skilled and they are equipped with years of learning, trained and experiences too. They can easily diagnose any type of electrical related problem. They will be able to come up with a solution too right away. Their mind and thinking ability was been practiced and honed with years of training and experience. We take pride in what we do. We not just keep in mind what is taught of us, but we learn by the heart. We can find an instant solution to your needs.

We are equipped with only the latest solutions and tools to be of help to you. We have the perfect tools and parts in case of a short circuit, circuit interruptions, burned wires and even faulty circuit breaker. We will help you with whatever kind of troubleshooting problem you may have. This is regardless if you are a homeowner or a company in need of help. There is no small or big project for us. All of our clients are special to us and we will give equal amount of attention that you need.

We have our vehicle with parts and tools in it. That is what we will carry if you will be needing our help. We can immediately come to you even in the middle of the night to check on the problem and find the perfect solution for it. We have teams of electricians and project manager on duty to take care of your needs. We can help solve you problem at a minimal cost and there will be no waiting time. We value your time. We know that having an electricity related problem is a dilemma in itself. There is no need to worry because, we will take care your concern immediately.

Switches Replacement & Repairs

We replace and upgrade light switches and fan regulators for many reasons such as if the switch becomes outdated or faulty.

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Installation of STABILIZERS

We install stabilizer for your business to get constant current & to protect electric appliances in case of voltage fluctuations.

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The electric panel is the one controlling the electricity into your home. We can also help you with the panel upgrade if that is what your home needs. It normally fail to work when we keep on adding appliances at home yet the panel is still the old one we are using. The demand of electric panel also increases through time. This is the reason why an upgrade is important and is badly needed too. We need to conform with the modern time. We can only do that if will make the necessary upgrade in the panel. But this will depend on when your home was built. The amount of electricity being used should also be considered.

The electric panel needs to be changed or there must be a sub-panel that must be added to keep up with the high demand. If you have bought a home or a space for a possible office, you need to add more amp. But that will depend on the size of the space. The upgrades you are thinking of must also be considered. A careful planning is needed to be able to tell if your current panel will be enough for what is required or if it needs to be updated.